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In a world of uncertainty, LUMIFAI offers innovative solutions for data-driven brand positioning. We combine market research and social listening with advanced artificial intelligence to gain deep insights into the behavior and needs of your target group.
Liberate your future business and brand success from gut instinct
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The next generation of market intelligence - because it takes more than just data to make the right decisions
Our Reports

Established methods for understanding consumers or tracking brand success often fall short in such a fast-moving world. Our reports provide the most important answers at lightning speed - interpreted and categorized.

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Transfer knowledge: Getting better with every new brand
Our big data approach enables us to gather insights not only for individual brands, but for entire industries.
Our proprietary database is constantly growing and enables our algorithms to derive recommendations for action based on the competition, even for hidden champions, start-ups and alike.
brands analyzed
12 countries
our models can serve
9.5 billion
data points collected

Catering to Target Group Needs

The right target group and competition data at the touch of a button
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Agencies & Strategy Consultancies
In times of performance marketing and AI-based copywriting, data-supported brand strategy development is becoming increasingly relevant. Our reports help to identify industry best practices for your clients in order to achieve a differentiating positioning in the market. As a white-label solution, our reports offer an ideal supplement for well-founded and highly personalized pitches, time-consuming desk research or for the number-based confirmation of strategy routes.
Venture Capital & Transaction Services
The investment in or acquisition of a company is strongly determined not least by intangible assets and questions of brand architecture - frequently under high time pressure. By looking at entire industries, we can draw on wide-ranging knowledge of relevant matters, e.g. in the context a commercial due diligence, when considering brand preferences, consumer overlap or the competitive landscape - all while preserving team resources.
Skip gatekeepers and close data gaps
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Building a distinctive brand amidst budget constraints or lack of historical data can be a challenge. With our predictive analytics, we help to translate best practices from competitors by weighting their audience's preferences in conjunction with brand similarity. Our reports help startups to efficiently target market segments and audience groups with the highest potential.
Medium-Sized Companies
Leading hidden champions are often overlooked by established social listening solutions, as their strengths lie primarily in standardized data channels and large companies with extreme online engagement. We customize our data sources to the needs and industries of our SME customers. With our solutions, we offer access to state-of-the-art analytics solutions, even without an in-house data analytics team.
Accelerate strategy processes beyond data silos
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Cross-National Expansions
Large corporations often have all the data they could wish for - and that is often where the headache begins. Different data sources across different country markets require extreme resources - even with in-house analytics experts. Our models have already been designed cross-market and cross-country and offer the unique opportunity to compare positioning and consumer preferences beyond cultural and market boundaries in order to implement suitable adjustments, e.g. for a market entry.
Strategy Alignment
Making the gut feeling of brands measurable also means consolidating extensive data on brand positioning and target group preferences when working with decision-makers at large companies. In time-critical strategy projects, we help with immediately available data, analyses and proprietary models to reduce complexity and derive data-based recommendations for action.
Form follows function:
Reporting Solutions
Standardized quick reports for your most critical brand questions
Individual consulting projects for highly specialized requirements
Software Solutions
Our LUMIFAI Edge platform for continuous brand measurement

Most Asked Questions

Who are the analysis and reporting solutions aimed at?

With a strategic perspective, our products and analyses are primarily aimed at decision-makers with strategic responsibility. Our aim is to support our clients in reflecting and evaluating operational developments of their day-to-day business in the context of the defined brand strategy, possible competitive dynamics and target group preferences, or to formulate a data-driven brand strategy. In addition, our findings also support strategic partners such as agencies, management consultancies or investment companies in gaining a market overview, e.g. as part of due diligence, in a time- and budget-saving manner.

What are the prerequisites for analyzing my brand?

In general, no brand is excluded from an analysis using our approach. However, the size (how represented is the brand in the online world?), industry (B2B vs. B2C) or country can have an influence on the depth or approach of the analyses we can provide. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you individually.

What is the advantage over market research or social listening?

Traditional market research is indispensable for highly specific product questions or testings. However, all too often the statements made in direct surveys deviate from actual consumer behavior ("Is sustainability important to you?" versus "How often do you buy organic products?"). When it comes to capturing objective aspects such as target group, competitive or brand characteristics, our "observer" approach therefore offers a much more objective insight into actual desires - and does so much more quickly and cost-effectively. At the touch of a button and within just a few days, findings for hundreds of competitor brands are available as a period analysis and thus offer a wide range of strategic insights for your own brand management.

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