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In view of changing consumer needs, KPI tracking has long since ceased to be an issue for the finance department alone. We help to monitor, manage and benchmark your brand - data-driven and without gut feeling.

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Monitor brand dimensions and competitors in the industry

Which topics does your industry emphasize on websites, which on social media? How formally does your competitor communicate and which brand archetype is it perceived as? When positioning your brand, don't rely on gut feeling, but on precise measurement values - and always stay up to date on whether new competitors are trying to challenge your positioning by constantly monitoring the trademark office.

Understanding the needs of different demographic groups

It is not only the visual and content-related communication in social media itself that has a fundamental influence on how your brand is perceived: Consumers' preferences, self-image and habits influence how well it is received by the target group. Use our algorithm to analyze which psychological needs your communication (or that of your competitor) addresses, which aspects lead to brand preference in which demographic group and which topics you should emphasize more in order to convince the next generation of customers.

Interactive and data-driven persona development

Get a differentiated view of which personas exist in your market by collecting data from all competitors in your industry. Use data from our proprietary database (or enrich it with your CRM data) to gain insights into demographics, consumer needs and areas of interest of potential consumers to understand brand preferences and anticipate market potential. You can also use the data-based persona profiles to send qualitative questions to market research panels at the click of a button and in a fully automated process, with results displayed in real time for specific target groups.

Classify industry-relevant trends divided by target groups

Understand and anticipate changes in consumer behavior and needs of different target groups and markets. Use our trend forecasting, which is based not only on social listening but also on the offerings of major online retailers, rating portals and search behavior, to classify product trends in the context of your market and competition and project them into the future.

Better understand competitive preferences

The question of all questions: Why does a person reach for the competition and not your own brand? Use our persona clustering to understand which deviations in addition to brand awareness in, for example, interests, personality and consumer needs could lead to a competing brand being preferred by a specific target group. Receive recommendations on how you can become more attractive to new target groups while taking your brand essence into account.

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Case Study

How does our platform help bridge the gap between marketing operations and managerial brand strategy? Download our case study to shed some light on how triggering subconscious needs in campaign communication can increase target group attractiveness - and how our platform can help you track that.
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