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Our ready-made reports offer the opportunity to gain a standardized, compact and holistic overview of your own brand, the industry and your competitors in the shortest possible time. In addition to evaluated countries and competitors, our modules can be combined with each other - from a better understanding of the target group, to brand perception on the internet, to the brand understanding of employees.

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Our reports help to monitor, manage and benchmark your brand - data-driven and without gut feeling.

Nothing is more important than knowing your own customers - and those of your competitors. What are their interests, what are their needs? How and through which channels can you better convince them?
How does your brand position itself online? Which values and topics stand out compared to the competition? How attractive and differentiating are they?
What do your employees think about you? Where do internal perception and external communication differ? Which touchpoints are important and what does your employee persona look like?
How well does your social media communication address the subconscious needs of a generation or target group? How attractive is it compared to the competition? What content leads to increased engagement? What consequences can be derived from the advertising behavior of the competition?
Contextualize brand characteristics
What's driving consumer behavior and preferences? 
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Food & Beverage (FMCG)
Consumer behavior has drastically changed - not just since Covid-19. New generations like Millennials and Gen Z are soon to take over as highest-revenue target groups and with that, food and beverage brands must cater to new priorities, value sets and needs. Our online-first approach of data analysis gives a welcomed spotlight on younger consumers and helps discover needs beyond those they would typically articulate in a direct polling.
Banking (Finance)
Government bonds or "buy now, pay later", security and trust versus convenience and style? The requirements financial brands face differ strongly based on their target group's properties like income, age or socialization. Appealing to younger demographics that are highly attracted by digital neo banks cause headaches for traditional banks as their brand values seemingly clash with the needs of their current customer base. Analyzing subconscious needs with the help of AI can help to find common denominators for a brand positioning.
Which brand properties make you stand out from competition?
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Insurance (Finance)
The insurance industry is highly competitive. For many consumers, decisions between seemingly identical insurance offerings are strongly influenced by the brand's appeal. How relevant are topics they talk about for me? What values do they emphasize? What feeling do I associate with them? Our proprietary algorithms to process brand communications across the industry (or countries) helps to understand where each competitor is positioned.
Vacation Spots (Hospitality)
Why would a consumer trend stop when deciding for the right holiday? Not just in front of online shops or shelves, people tend to seek more individualized offerings, but in selecting their vacation destination, as well. Luxury versus Adventure, Delight versus Family Fun? In our case study, we've used our algorithms to reflect how tourist destinations are positioned - and if especially successful one's strike through a clear brand positioning.
Which brand properties drive engagement with your target audience?
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Personal Care (Health & Beauty)
For a great brand positioning, communication must not only be different from the competition to stand out, but at the same time, appeal to the audience's preferences. With our "Four Field Matrix"-model, we help our clients reflect their communicated values, topics or tonalities along the lines of both, attractivity and differentiation for the most promising target group.
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