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We offer recommendations for action in the areas of brand, marketing and innovation in order to bring strategic and operational decision-makers together based on insights.
In a volatile and data-driven world, gut feelings no longer have a place: strategic decisions in brand-compliant corporate management need a solid foundation.

LUMIFAI consolidates the best of social listening, market research and consulting and offers a cost- and time-efficient one-stop solution for all operational and strategic brand management issues - whether for start-ups, medium-sized brands or global market leaders.
LUMIFAI combines billions of data points and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide you with the right foundation for all decisions relating to your brand. Tailored to your individual goals, we monitor the entire industry environment, provide you with detailed insights into consumers and market dynamics, anticipate trends and make predictions about possible reactions to your brand decisions.
The next generation of market intelligence
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Brand Management

Join us on our way to becoming the most relevant interdisciplinary consulting tool for decision-makers in the fields of creative, marketing and strategy. As a young start-up in the midst of tech and consulting, we combine innovative technology to answer concrete questions and difficulties of everyday business life.

Entrepreneurial spirit
We promote entrepreneurial spirit:
everyone should contribute their ideas and shape our company. We encourage creative exchange, experimentation and constant learning.
We believe that flexibility in everyday work leads to better results. No matter how and where you like to work: We reward the result, not the form of your effort.
Passion & Variety

You can combine your passion for tech, start-ups and consulting - we offer variety and support exciting clients in the B2B and B2C sectors. Help us to shed new light on industry challenges with smart solutions.

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